What Can You Do With Your Aged Electrical Wires and Cables?

Do you have a box of outdated electrical wires and cables lying in a corner of your residence? You are not by itself. Close to the globe, human beings toss away all over 40 million tons of electrical waste for every 12 months.

Electrical design substance, like the types of wires and cables utilized in your household wiring, make up a enormous element of the squander we offload on our planet. But it’s vital to retain electrical wires and cables out of the trash – they consist of a blend of beneficial means that must be recycled, as properly as plastic coatings that are damaging to the environment.

The plastic coating on the wires and cables is typically manufactured of polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride. If dumped in the trash, these plastics will not just break down harmlessly in the landfill. When uncovered to excessive warmth and other environmental conditions the plastic coating can launch harmful contaminants like direct and dioxins into the ecosystem.

Thankfully, there are a lot of alternatives for old or unused electrical wires and cables that keep them out of the landfills. Below are five approaches to lengthen their usefulness.


You may be equipped to discover prospective buyers for your previous electrical wires and cables. There are a substantial variety of technological innovation lovers and inventors who dangle on to previous gizmos or create one of a kind new methods for their use. Your previous charging wire might be just the variety of electrical wire they are wanting for. You could attempt listing what you have on Craigslist.

Most of the metallic recycling facilities will take aged wires and cables for the copper inside of it. In some conditions, they might accept only the steel wire, in which case you’d require to take away the plastic masking/insulation first.

You could also sell to electrical liquidators. These are organizations that obtain previous digital goods to provide to companies or other men and women who need them. The quantity they settle for is dependent on the organization you visit. You cannot go with just a person or two cables, but if you have just one or much more containers of cables, they may possibly be fascinated.


1 of the most effective points to do with your old electrical wires and cables is to reuse them with your new gizmos.

A large amount of charging cords and cables do the job with several devices. While this might not be true for Apple merchandise but generally, you can reuse an aged cable or plug with a distinct digital system. It is a good thought to maintain a back-up charging cord for your cell phone useful. If you really don’t want it, request a loved ones member or friend who may have to have it. You can also test featuring your cables for absolutely free on Freecycle so a person else can reuse them.


Electrical wires and cables contain precious elements this sort of as copper and aluminum, which are really recyclable.

If you simply cannot reuse them or come across an individual else who will use them, consider your outdated wires and cables to the closest e-waste recycling facility. Numerous companies that acknowledge electronics for recycling, these as Finest Acquire, may possibly also acknowledge cables, wires, and cords. It’s generally a great thought to phone initially to affirm what they currently accept.


Universities featuring STEM (science, engineering, engineering, and mathematics) systems could be pleased to accept electrical building supplies this kind of as wires and cables for pupils to use in their laboratories.

Appear up STEM plans in your city on the web to obtain most likely recipients of your donation. This might need a bit of analysis simply because not all universities will accept wire and cables. You could also check out with community public educational facilities, which may possibly acknowledge laptop or computer materials this kind of as charging cables and connectors for pupils who have to have them.


If you have an artistic bent, you may check out upcycling your old electrical wires and cables. Check out these inventive wire upcycling thoughts:

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